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Accessing TIDE Brochure /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Accessing_TIDE_Brochure_012618.pdf
This brochure provides users with a quick guide to accessing TIDE.
NH SAS 17-18 Accommodations Guide /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/0021493-NH-SAS-17-18-Accommodations-Quick-Start-Guide.pdf
The NH SAS Accommodations Guide will shape the delivery of online testing for all students, including those with visual, auditory, linguistic, or physical needs.  These guidelines were developed n collaboration with the NH DOE and nationally recognized experts on English language learners and students with disabilities.
NH SAS AVA User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_AVA_User_Guide_2017-2018.pdf
This user guide provides an overview of how to access and use the Assessment Viewing Application (AVA). AVA allows teachers to view items on the New Hampshire Statewide Interim Assessments for administrative or instructional purposes.
TA User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/0021333-NH_TA_User_Guide_2017-2018.pdf
This user guide is designed to help users navigate the Test Delivery System (TDS) including the Student Interface and the Test Administration (TA) Interface, and help support Test Administrators manage and administer testing for students participating in the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System online assessments.
Understanding AIR Ways /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Understanding_AIRWAYS_2017-2018.pdf
This brochure provides a brief overview of the steps for logging in to AIR Ways, the reports available, and how to preview items in a report. AIR Ways reports provide student performance data for a particular interim assessment or set of interim assessments.
TIDE User Guide 2017-2018 /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/0010651-NH_TIDE_User_Guide_2017-2018.pdf
Updated November 16, 2017
The Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) User Guide is designed to help users navigate TIDE.  Users can find information on managing user account information, managing student account information, student test settings and accommodations, appeals, and voice packs in this user guide.
Secure Browser Installation Manual /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Secure_Browser_Installation_Manual_2017-2018_010918.pdf
This manual provides instructions for downloading and installing the secure browser on supported operating systems used for online assessments.
System Requirements for Online Testing /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_System_Requirements_2017-2018.pdf
This document outlines the basic technology requirements for administering an online assessment, including operating system requirements and supported web browsers.
Technical Specifications for Online Testing Manual /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Tech_Specs_Manual_2017-2018.pdf
This manual provides technology staff with the technical specifications for online testing, including information on Internet and network requirements, general hardware and software requirements, and the text-to-speech function.