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Batch Printing ISRs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-SAS-Batch-Print-ISRs.pdf
This quick guide will walk you through printing multiple ISRs at once vs. having to print them one at a time.
ELA Grade 3 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G3.pdf
ELA Grade 4 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G4.pdf
ELA Grade 5 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G5.pdf
ELA Grade 6 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G6.pdf
ELA Grade 7 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G7.pdf
ELA Grade 8 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G8.pdf
Math Grade 3 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G3.pdf
Math Grade 4 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G4.pdf
Math Grade 5 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G5.pdf
Math Grade 6 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G6.pdf
Math Grade 7 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G7.pdf
Math Grade 8 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G8.pdf
Science Elementary School PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Science_PLDs_ElementarySchool.pdf
Science Middle School PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Science_PLDs_MiddleSchool.pdf
Science High School PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Science_PLDs_HighSchool.pdf

Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs)

The Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) identifiy what students are expected to specifically know and to be able to do at each level of performance at each grade level.

The New Hampshire Department of Education Bureau of Instructional Support and Student Assessment homepage contains information and resources for administrators, educators and families.
NH SAS 17-18 ISR Interpretation Guide /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_SAS_17-18_Summative_ISR_Interpretation_Guide.pdf

This document was developed as a parent guide for the individual student reports (ISRs) generated for the 2017-2018 New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System. It may be used by teachers, administrators, or parents to help interpret a student's assessment scores.

Score Report Parent Notification Letter 2017-18 /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-SAS-Parent-Letter-Template.pdf
The New Hampshire Department of Education has provided a template for schools and districts to use to help parents understand the context of score reports for the NH Summative Assessments.
NH SAS Machine Scored Items /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-SAS-Machine-Scored-Items.pdf
This extract from the NH SAS Proposal provides information about the types of machine-scored items that will be on the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment. This document also provides information about the Automated Essay Scoring engine.
NH SAS Sample Science Task /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-SAS-Sample-Science-Task.pdf
This extract from the NH SAS proposal shows a sample item cluster as an example of the clusters that are being developed for the NH SAS Science assessment.
NH SAS Items and Sample Blueprint ELA Math Science /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-SAS-Items-and-Sample-Blueprint-ELA-Math-Reading.pdf
This extract from the NH SAS Proposal outlines the proposed blueprints and item types for ELA, Math and Science assessments.
17-18 NH SAS ELA Blueprint /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/2017-2018-NH-ELA-Blueprint-v2.0.pdf
Updated March 13, 2018
2017-2018 NH SAS Summative ELA Blueprint
17-18 NH SAS Math Blueprint /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/2017-2018-NH-Math-Blueprint-v2.0.pdf
Updated March 13, 2018
2017-2018 NH SAS Summative Math Blueprint
17-18 NH SAS Testing Times /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/17-18-NH-SAS-testing-times_2-14-18.pdf
Estimated testing times for the 17-18 NH SAS:  These times are only esitmates - some students may need and should be afforded more time, and others may need less time than shown in this table.
AutoScore FAQ /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/AutoScore_FAQ_NH_SAS.pdf
Updated May 07, 2018
Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the automated scoring engine used to score the writing portions of the NH SAS.
G6-8 Argumentative Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Modular_Interim-Writing_G6-8_Argumentative.pdf
G3-5 Informative Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Modular_Interim-Writing_G3-5_Informative.pdf
G3-5 Opinion Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Modular_Interim-Writing_G3-5_Opinion.pdf
G6-8 Informative Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Modular_Interim-Writing_G6-8_Informative.pdf
These are Modular and Interim assessment ELA rubrics for the 2017-2018 NH SAS administration.
NH SAS ELA Vocabulary List /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-SAS-ELA-vocabulary-list.pdf
These are words that may appear in assessment stems or options on the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System ELA Assessment.
NH SAS ORS User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ORS_User_Guide_2017-2018.pdf
This user guide provides information about the Online Reporting System (ORS), including instructions for viewing score reports, test management resources, creating and editing rosters, and searching for students.
NH SAS Test Security Assurances /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-SAS-Test-Security-Assurance-Form.pdf
Updated April 06, 2018
Alll educational and support staff that handle—or otherwise have access to—NH SAS test materials are expected to comply with the TEST SECURITY EXPECTATIONS.
User Role Permissions for Secure Online Systems /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_User_Role_Permissions_17-18.pdf
This brochure outlines the user roles and permissions for each secure online testing system used to administer the online assessments for the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System. These systems include: Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE), Online Reporting System (ORS), Test Administrator (TA) Interface, Assessment Viewing Application (AVA), and AIR Ways Reporting.